Mammalian Mother Tongues. Saxophone Quartet, 15min.  Commissioned by Quasar Quatuor de Saxophones (CA). 

Three Gold Roses.  Voice, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, Vibraphone, Construction Paper, 25min.  Commissioned by Array Music (CA).



All I dreamt; twice as much. String quartet, 20min.  Commissioned by Quatuor Bozzini (CA).   

Whast / Wharb.  Bb & Bass Clarinet, C and Bass Flute, Violin, Cello, 12min.  Commissioned by Continuum Contemporary Music (CA).



Àfall / Trauma.  Two Female Voices and Max Patch, 20min.  Commissioned by Ilan Volkov for Tectonics Festival Glasgow, 2016. 

Sugar’s Waste. Multidisciplinary staged experimental song cycle for four voices, string quintet, piano, guitar, and digital electronics (90min).  Created and performed as partial completion of requirements towards a Master of Fine Arts degree, Simon Fraser University. 

Black Coil Louise (co-composed with Alexandra Spence).  Two female voices, violin, clarinet, tuning-fork, four tape recorders, and six radios (25min).  Comissioned by Jeremey Stewart for Casse-tête Festival of Experimental Music (CA). 

Thickets.  String quartet, 5min. 

Tangled Grass. Four violins, 3min. 

The Heard Surrounds. Four voices, piano, and double bass, 8min. 

No Place in the Sun.  SATB with string quartet, 5min. 

Nora, listening.  SATB with MAX MSP, 4min.



Evening Cream.  String quartet, 6min.  Commissioned by Quatuor Bozzini (CA). 

Blue Sage Plays.  Voice and string quintet, 7min. 

How cold those wintry winds do blow.  Voice, string quintet, and MAX MSP.


2021 (Forthcoming)

Two Long Songs.  A recording by Quatuor Bozzini and junctQín keyboard collective to be released on Quatuor Bozzini’s Collection QB imprint.  Will consist of two works for expanded piano quintet, by Rebecca Bruton and Jason Doell (CA).



Circle of Steel Instrumental Score (Kino Sum).  Rebecca Bruton & Katie Streibel (co-composers). Selected original works from 2018 film Circle of Steel (Kino Sum Productions).



Bitch Tapes Spring 2017 Mixtape.  Rebecca Bruton & voice and electronics ensemble. Original work  Nora, Listening.



Ponies Under Darkness.  Rebecca Bruton & expanded string & electronics ensemble.  Selected original works from 90-min lowercase chamber song cycle Sugar’s Waste(Rebecca Bruton 2016).  Tangled Grass, No Place in the Sun, The Heard Surrounds, Ponies Under Darkness, Thickets, Nora Listening, Made by Grain, Spring Came Early.



We Are The Kingdom, We Are The Desert.  Rebecca Bruton and string & brass ensemble.  Never Will I Marry, Wondrous Love (Trad.), What Are They Doing In Heaven Today? (Trad.), Go, Lassie, Go (Trad.), Spring Came Early, Train Your Child (Washington Philips), A Mother’s Last Word to Her Son (Washington Philips), I Had a Good Mother and a Father (Washington Philips).