Two quotes from Jair-Rohm Parker Wells / by Rebecca Bruton

From THE WIRE 387, MAY 2016.  P. 31

'It's always the same: no one is going to market youbetter than you can market yourself.  It's a tough and unpleasant job.  Still, people need to take responsibility for their music if they're going to see anything happen with it.  Nothing good comes easy.  Digital distribution is the most consumer-friendly way to distribute music.  It's been a disaster for the sales.  At the same time, it has been great for live shows.  For the first time - possibly ever - it's possible for anyone to build an audience anywhere.  We'll win.  We always do.'

'Whether playing alone or in a group the most important technique is enlightened listening.  What's the difference between a band like Machine Gun and five persons playing in five different countries at the same time?  Machine Gun are listening and responding to each other, making sometimes monumental compositional decisions very quickly.  This differs from the listening one does in a 'conventional' ensemble: instead of just listening to blend or lock with the other players, your listening is extended to more intricate paramaters of analysis.  You analyse the current state of the ongoing composition (the improvisation) and use that information to decide what shape the composition will take next.  So the uninformed say 'improvisors just play anything,' the presence of enlightened listening, improvisation is an object-oriented, highly structured real-time process of recursive composition'.